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Strapping in for Work

When I first starting working out, I had absolutely no gear whatsoever. I’d always just worn “whatever” to the gym. Baggy cut off sweats, old ill-fitting t-shirts. The equivalent of pajamas, now that I think about it. It almost makes me laugh to think back on.

Once I started getting serious, I realized how ill-equipped I was to enjoy a really hard workout in that kind of get-up. Ew. The technology that goes into athletic apparel, like Nike’s Dri-Fit, serves a real purpose if you’re training like an athlete.

I used to think that buying brand-name stuff was just an overpriced marketing scheme, or way to show labels off. Now I realize that it’s necessary.

My beloved Coach even goes so far as to say that you should always wear name-brand matching top and bottom. “What’s the point of that?” I asked him.

“Shell, when you look good, you feel good, and you can do good work. It matters, trust me.”

And he’s right. I might not always match brand names (that’s still a little expensive for me) but I definitely buy the best I can afford and don’t scrimp any more. As G always says, “Quality over quantity.” Good life philosophy, and great philosophy for fitness.

So once I started seriously weightlifting, my hands were getting really calloused! Honestly I had never even thought about this. At first it was cool. Like this sign that, yeah, I’m lifting heavy shit so often that my hands are kind of getting torn up.

But then it just got to be annoying. My hands were rough and sore, and lifting was becoming kind of uncomfortable.

Hence that picture above. My Everlast weight lifting gloves, my virgin pair. Wow.

G had told me to get gloves. He said, “The cool side benefit is that when you’re in the gym and you put them on, it kind of makes you feel like you’re strapping in to work.”

Yeah, it kind of does. And, now when I’m doing burpees, I get some traction on the floor too.

Going to strap in for work now. Get out there and get your training in today.

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