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And then there was food

Just came across the ol’ Twittersphere, this here kettlebellissima photo, courtesy of two fabulous fitness gurus and professional male models (Stefan Pinto and Shaka Smith), people for whom neglecting the gym is a serious occupational hazard. When they speak, we can listen!

And in the process, discovered this website as well! Bonus!

One of the most frequent questions that people ask me regarding fitness doesn’t actually have anything to do with the gym! Inevitably the conversation starts off with food. “What should I eat?” “When should I eat it?” and on, and on, and on.

Diet and nutrition are HUGE topics to cover. So I’ll be tackling them little by little.

For today, let’s just start with the sentence in this photo: “Work as hard on your diet as you do in the gym.”

It’s the truth. You can’t kill it in the gym and then slack on what you’re eating. Nutrition for strength training goes hand in hand with a specific workout plan–and both require discipline, commitment, and sacrifice. There’s no shortcut, lazy-man’s trick, or easy way around it. But there are ways to make both enjoyable and rewarding.

Start with this mentality; tell yourself daily that you’ll work your diet like you work in the gym.

Then we’ll talk about food.

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