One Arm + Dumbbell = Exhilaration

When I first learned this exercise, I thought it was insane, and I had scary images dancing through my head. Super clumsy me + a heavy object that I was supposed to launch in “one explosive movement” over my head, was sure to = disaster, a cracked gym mirror, at least 7 years of bad luck, eternal humiliation. The list goes on.

After a bit of practice, however, I’m getting pretty good at it. And while I started out at 10 kilos, I’m now up to 16, and that is pretty exciting. It’s so awesome when you realize that what used to be painstakingly heavy (it was hard for me to get the 10 kilo dumbbell overhead when I first started) is now a lot lighter.

So, I give you the one arm dumbbell snatch. Why not try it in your next workout? Select a dumbbell that you can “explosively” pump into the air over your head, that’s going to feel heavy but obviously not fly out of your hand. You definitely want it to be challenging, but not so heavy that you can’t get it up in a smooth movement.

I like the description here on the Gubernatrix: The Joy of Strength Training site.

Here’s a nice little video I like, because it shows a girl doing what I want to do by the next 3 weeks. (Remember people: goals!) 16 kilos is equivalent to 35.2 pounds. That’s what I’m at right now. So in three weeks I want to get up to 20 kilos, which is 44 pounds. Here she does a warm-up set of 5 with 45 pounds. I am currently working on these with 4 sets of 4 reps, which permits me to lift the heavier weights.

Then, because we always need to set our standards high and keep progressing, here’s a girl doing it with a 60 pound dumbbell. Kick ass.

And, just so that you’re aware that not everything on the Internets is accurate, look at this video of something called the “dumbbell snatch challenge” which isn’t even a dumbbell snatch. The form is totally wrong. Gotta do your homework before you go into the gym, if you don’t have a trustworthy source providing you information about how to perform an exercise. The idea of me trying to lift my arm up straight overhead (like they show in this video) with a 35 pound dumbbell, without the squat at the end to position your weight under it, makes me feel slightly nauseous. Plus: 30 reps? Careful who you turn to when doing your research and building up your tool box of strength training exercises. If your gym has a trainer, perhaps you can ask them to check your form or explain an exercise to you as well, if you are going in unsure. Nothing wrong with the exercise in this video, to be sure, but it’s not what we’re talking about here.

Start at :55 to avoid all the blabbedy blah in the beginning.

Happy lifting! Go kill it!

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2 thoughts on “One Arm + Dumbbell = Exhilaration

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