Simple Satisfaction

I’m going there. Because frankly, I’ve been working really, really, REALLY hard in the gym for the last three months, and I’m starting to get these. Simple satisfactions. These moments where I’m like, WOW, that’s good stuff.

I always used to get totally annoyed by “fitness” people. I totally do not consider myself one of “them,” not even now that I have some muscles to show for it. Because I always had this idea that “those” people were stuck on themselves, and all into themselves, and vain, and all they cared about was their appearance. I thought the ONLY REASON for going to the gym was to SHOW OFF.

Now. This is totally NOT the reason I go to the gym.

I go because I like to feel super strong and bad ass lifting barbells, dumbbells and the like.

That being said, I’m as human as the next person, and I’m starting to get some seriously satisfying moments from my time spent in the gym.

1) Trust me. Once you start to see physical results, ie, you actually start developing muscles on your arms, back, legs, and abs–it feels good to look at yourself in the mirror. I don’t train specifically for this. But I’m not going to lie to you: when I lift weights and see my muscles doing all that work, it looks cool, and it makes me feel even more motivated to keep going. If you aren’t there yet, all I can say is keep going. Once you get there you are going to feel SO rewarded.

2) Things that used to be heavy, just aren’t anymore. That’s cool. Especially as a girl. It’s nice when you can lift more than the men around you. Makes you feel … well, just good. Strong.

3) Clothes fit differently. It’s nice that my clothes look better on me. Having broader shoulders gives your body a different visual sense of proportion. It makes your waist look thinner. And my waist has lost inches. Weight-wise I haven’t actually lost that much. But the way my clothes fit has totally changed. I’ve lost pretty much two whole sizes.

4) There is nearly no moment quite as satisfying as when you totally kill it in the gym, and then you get to drink that protein shake after. I don’t know why this is so, but it is. Protein shakes aren’t even that tasty, really. But for me, there’s this total sense of satisfaction. It’s part of a ritual. When I drink it, before I even get in the shower, it’s like, YES. I did it again.

I think rituals are totally important, and the whole protein-shake-after-workout one is now sacred for me. I look forward to it.

There’s something meditative about going into the gym, doing your same warm up routine, same stretches.

The rewards of training are so more far-reaching than simply “being in shape.”

The further you go, the more you discover along the way.


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