Coach G Fitness Boot Camp


Actually, I never really say “huzzah.” Nor do I say things like “huah” or “left, right, left” when I teach my early morning bootcamp for Coach G Fitness.

However, I do crack a lot of ridiculous jokes (keeping things lighthearted helps my bootcampers get through such an intensive workout) and I yell pretty loud because I have to compete with the Roman traffic (we train on a lil’ patch of grass by Terme di Caracalla and when it’s not so hot, we move to Circo Massimo) and I do make the bootcampers do a lot of really, really physically hard shit stuff. I promise I don’t swear. Much. Last week I said “kick ass” but no one seemed to mind.

Boot camp. Ah, boot camp. How I love thee, let me count the ways:

1) You showed me exercises I had never done before and then after doing them over and over, and about dying, I emerged like a whole new person. Wow.

2) Results came really fast.

3) Holy crap man, I thought I was going to die. And yet, I didn’t. And that gave me a really huge sense of satisfaction.

4) Fun. Lots of fun. Cool people. Really cool people. Who I could bitch with about how hard Coach G was on us, that now are bitching to each other (nicely though) about how hard I am on them.

5) Use of body-weight exercises that you can do anywhere means there’s never an excuse not to work out. These workouts require basically the space of a yoga mat and 45 minutes of your time. I did them every other day on vacation this summer in my hotel room or on the hotel grounds, without any trouble at all.

Wanna come out and join us? Yes you do! Yes!

We’re starting a new boot camp session next Monday, September 3. Sign up here! It costs €80 for the 8-class series (Mon/Wed 7:30 am to 8:15 am) or €15 per class if you drop in on different days. I don’t recommend dropping in though, because we build up our workouts cumulatively and each week gets more intensive, so when you skip days, you end up having to work extra hard. But sometimes it’s inevitable that you have to miss a class or two. The important thing is to come out as much as you possibly can.

As with most things in life, you have to be determined and consistent to get results.

Email me with any questions at shelley -at- coachgfitness -dot- com.

Hope you’ll come on out!

Here’s a former group of bootcampers on their last day of class. They kicked ass booty. Turn down your volume because I scream like a banshee and it’s a bit obnoxious. I made this for G just to prove to him that bootcampers kick ass butt even when he isn’t teaching.

G, my beloved Coach, is moving back to the US tomorrow. Sob. More on that later.

Meanwhile check this shit stuff out: (I’m serious though, low volume people, or I’ll scare the bejeezus out of you. Whatever bejeezus you may have in you.)


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