Photographic Evidence

Like, you know what people just LOVE to say nowadays? “If there’s no picture, it didn’t happen.”

Which, frankly, confounds me given the fact that in today’s day and age, you could pretty much fabricate any sort of photographic evidence you wanted by using sophisticated digital tools at a moment’s notice, on your cell phone probably, and so, would that mean it “had happened”?

It’s kind of like that whole Zen “what’s the sound of one hand clapping in an empty forest?” thingy.

Anyhoo. Just so you can know that I’m not shitting you when I talk about what I’m doing on this blog, and just so you know that I’ve lost every last shred of self-consciousness because I’M THAT DETERMINED to begin preaching at the altar of fitness, I give you EXHIBIT A:


Which, up until now, only my dearest FB friends could see, and which I now reveal to you as proof that when my babies were six months old, I was rocking a really nice jelly belly. Nothing wrong with that! In the sense that, for the love of God, people, we’re only human. Don’t frickin’ expect miracles. But just as proof that if you hear a woman walking around saying that she still has “baby weight” and her kids are in college, well… it’s not the only way. And, don’t think I’m getting paid to sit around and lift weights all day, because I have a full-time job and also really try to make sure my kiddos have clean clothes and hot meals to eat. So, you know, if you want results, you have to make it a priority. I did. And so, I give you EXHIBIT B:

2012-08-25 12.15.34

The crappy quality is not due to some shady attempt to hide anything, but rather to the fact that the only camera I own at the moment is a really crappy cell phone one, and, I took this right after my workout today and so quite honestly, my hands were shaking a little bit. Because that’s what twohundredsixteen pushups will do to a girl.

And, before you fall into the clichèd trap that nearly all men and a good majority of women fall into, that of “OHMYGODDON’TGETALLMUSCULAR” which is just, bullshit, I give you, EXHIBIT C:


Me and two of my very best friends out for a drink. Because, yes. But remember low-carb drinking: vodka on the rocks. So, what would you say? Too masculine? No. Do not let anyone tell you that weight training will somehow mysteriously “bulk you up” and turn you into a scary-ass She-Man. Not gonna happen. Make you a strong and gorgeous goddess? Yes. She-Man? Nope.

Anyhoo. There you go. It happened.
But it is not over yet. Not by far.


One thought on “Photographic Evidence

  1. Wow Shelley you look amazing! Keep it up!

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