What a Difference a Day Makes

Just another reminder that, as with many things in life, one day can make a big difference.

Today was a good day in the gym. I felt better and stronger physically and mentally. I had a good workout and that made me feel like I was back on track. I had purged the icky feelings from my body of the food I ate. I had always heard people say that once they started eating healthy, if they went back to crappy foods it affected their bodies a lot harder than it ever had in the past, and it’s really true. What I ate the other night would have been nothing unusual just a few months ago, when I ate whatever I wanted. And it wouldn’t have had an impact on the way I felt. But this past time when I ate unhealthy food, it had an immediate and severe impact on how I felt. I felt so sick. It took me an entire day and a half to get back to feeling normal and not like I had just overcome the stomach flu. That was really something. The next time I feel like indulging in crap food, I’ll keep in mind how bad it made me feel. Honestly it’s not worth it to me.

Persistence is truly key, consistency is key. Getting back, making it a habit, not making excuses, just making health a habit like any other habit from teeth brushing to getting dressed in the morning. These are things we do because they are part of our daily routine. They become so ingrained that we don’t even have to think about them anymore. The gym and eating healthy are becoming habits for me. They aren’t so ingrained yet that I can’t imagine never doing them, but they are definitely a significant part of my daily routine now, that I would feel a void about if they were to go away. I’m starting to get that “craving” that people who are active get. I’ve always heard my athletic friends talk about how if they missed their daily run, or missed their workouts, they felt it. That once you start becoming active you crave it. It’s true. Today after my good workout I was already looking forward to tomorrow’s.


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